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Doctors Online powered by eDocAmerica FAQ

Q. How does this benefit work?

A. Members can ask questions to a board certified doctor via email 24/7/365. After registering once, type in a subject, like poison ivy, and a question in the message field. A response from the doctor will be sent within 24 hours.

Q. What services are included?

A. Members may work with with a board certified doctor for guidance on treatment options for an illness. Members have access to psychologists for behavioral health questions and can get help with various other things including nutrition, fitness and much more.

Q. Are there any services with which Doctors Online will not help? 

A. Emergency questions/issues and prescribing medications are excluded.

Q. Am I charged for each new question?

A. No, members are never charged for services through Doctors Online. Members may use this service over and over at no cost.

Q. Can I get general health info through Doctors Online?

A. Yes, members may get info through e-mail, such as health tips, links to quality resources and responses from doctors.

Q. Will the medical information I share remain confidential?

A. Patient Confidentiality is respected by Doctors Online. The website honors or exceeds the legal requirements of medical/health privacy. Personal information will not be given or sold to unaffiliated third parties.



"71 percent of millennials would be interested in a doctor/provider giving them a mobile app on their smartphone/tablet to actively manage their well-being for preventative care, review health records, schedule appointments." State of the Connected Patient Report, 2015

"Fifty-six percent of American web users look online for information about a certain medical treatment or procedure." Pew Internet Project/California HealthCare Foundation, 2010

"Eight in ten caregivers (79%) have access to the internet. Of those, 88% look online for health information." Pew Internet Project/California HealthCare Foundation, 2012

"When asked where internet users will go for information the next time they need health or medical information, 46% say they will find health care information online next time they need it and 47% say they will contact a medical professional. Overall, 31% of all Americans say they will find it online, while 59% say they will contact a medical professional." Pew Internet Project/California HealthCare Foundation, 2012

"Consumers are ready to use health IT today: 75% of consumers are willing to go online to view their medical records; more than 60% want the ability to communicate with their doctor by email or Internet." Optum Institute/Harris Interactive, 2012

"It is not just the young who are online. More than half of all seniors surveyed (57%) are ready to go online to manage their health and communicate with their care providers." Optum Institute/Harris Interactive, 2012